Featured Student Research

Undergraduate research is an opportunity to apply what you have learned in class, and connect concepts with practice. It’s  opportunity to learn about engineering at the cutting edge.

Working in a research lab under the guidance of our dedicated faculty, undergraduate researchers build their networks, expand their skill sets and create new knowledge.

We proudly celebrate the achievements of our undergraduate researchers:

  1. Student opens door to leading edge biomedical engineering research

    Dean’s Research Award gives student a chance to explore research

  2. Collaboration leads to unique undergraduate research opportunity

    Undergraduate engineering student gets research experience in leading biomedical lab

  3. Engineering student could help improve cancer treatments

    Research project gives engineering student a shot at improving cancer treatments

  4. Research project gives undergraduate lessons in engineering and intercultural communication

    Environmental research project gives undergraduate hands-on experience in engineering and navigating cultural differences

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Looking for undergraduate research opportunities? 

As a student in the Faculty of Engineering, you have access to two funding programs that support undergraduate research in our faculty members’ research labs.

The Dean's Research Awards support a 40-hour research project over the course of one academic term. Participants (50 to 100 per year) receive a $500 stipend and compete for the K. Sabol Memorial Award.

The NSERC USRA Awards support a 16-week full-time, intensive research project. These awards can be held in the summer (traditional) or in a non-academic term (co-op).