Feature Stories

Partners of choice in engineering research
Simply put, the U of A has become Canada’s leading expert on research partnerships.

Powering new smart grid technologies
Emerging technologies are enabling the transition to a blended energy landscape where renewable energy becomes a significant contributor to society.

Waterless oil sands extraction
For more than a decade, the University of Alberta has been a world leader in exploring, through partnerships with oil sands producers and government, ways to solidify and reclaim these ponds.

Changing the way we build, building a better future
Working with fully engaged industry partners, the University of Alberta Faculty of Engineering is revolutionizing construction. For more than a decade, engineering research teams have been working with industry to understand and streamline construction processes, improve building materials and increase construction company competitiveness.

Planning for a greener tomorrow
The impacts of Canada’s energy system on the environment compel us to develop new approaches to producing and using energy.  We need energy extraction technologies that will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water use, and tailings production, a key focus of the research underway at the University of Alberta.

Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
University of Alberta researchers in the field of carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS), are exploring ways to store CO2 safely, investigating how CO2 can be used as a tool to enhance oil recovery, and converting CO2 into valuable chemical precursors.

Getting there safer, sooner and greener
Researchers in the University of Alberta Faculty of Engineering are working to improve Canada’s transportation system and reduce the impact of transportation on the environment, through implementation of intelligent transportation systems, improved road construction methods and better materials.